Heart’s Content

Here’s to you and me and in between.

My lips give into a slow smile when Brandi’s voice invites a quick dance– plain and simple, I like this song. I like the rocking quality of Brandi’s voice, the way I picture a sailboat’s sway throughout the rise and fall of each line. Love will find a way. Even in the mist, even in the in between.

Truth be told, I am at once a cynic and a hopeless romantic. It’s a rough dichotomy, I know. I break my heart before you can. But in this time of daffodils, when April is the cruelest month,* I turn to these love songs. Not because I’m in love, not because I necessarily want to be, not because I’m avoiding it, but because I crave the smell. A quick sniff, a sigh, a moment to sway in the breeze of possibility satisfies a brief soul-cry, reminding me of the line ahead.

slight disclaimer: please don’t read into any of this. they’re just some thoughts on a pretty little diddy. enjoy a little love today.

*my literary allusion of the day to T.S. Eliot’s “The Wasteland.” be cultured. you’re welcome.


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